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Did you get the reference?

27 Jun


For those who are unfamiliar with musicals or old movies you may not fully grasp what this title is referencing. I would refer you to a Wikipedia article explaining the glory that is An American in Paris, but I’ll just give you the high points:

1. Gene Kelly

2. Paris

3. Won 6 Oscars

4. Composed by The Gershes (George & Ira Gershwin, a.k.a Porgy & Bess, had a Broadway theater named after them, look them up.)

5. NOT Singing in the Rain

Now that’s out of the way onto the more obvious significance of the title, I’m from Michigan.(Home of  “The Michigan Left”, The Mitten, 1 of 2 Peninsulas in the USA, Paul Bunyan’s glove, where people say “pop” instead of soda) Yeah, that state. I live in the lower half, the upper half of Michigan takes residence in a land all it’s own.

This post probably gives you a slight hint about my character as well. Blonde haired, blue eyes, likes old movies, musicals, French stuff, and long walks on Michigan beaches. Most of the people reading this blog already know of my quirky-ness. To those of you who are recent followers, I’m pleasantly surprised you got this far in reading. Kudos.

Don’t worry I will update you on actual French stuff when I arrive. Toodles!