Paris Trip Day 1: Pilot (episode)

2 Jul


Thursday –  the big day. Becca and I leaving for France for the first time in our French-studying lives.
We talk in French to try and somewhat practice up before we get there. Me, lacking French class since April, and her, not taking French for at least a year.
We get on the plane and I receive one of the HUGEST culture shocks in France.
Across from our seats, there was a family of Asians speaking in French.
DISCLAIMER: I’m not racist. (Sorry if “Asians” is not politically correct, not trying to be offensive I promise.)
I just never expected to see/hear that in my life.
I don’t know why.

So we get on the plane, each take a Benadryl to get on France Time ASAP. (so happy I did, SIGNIFICANTLY decreased jet lag) *TIP FOR TRAVELING*
Dinner is at 6/7pm EST aka 12/1am France time.
So I crafted this sign (for dinner and breakfast) and showed it to the Asian family next to us. (That little boy saved our stomachs, thank you!!)


After that 8 hour trip, I have some dos that I wish to share as well as remind myself for future travels.

1. Bring socks on the plane (forgot them and my feet were FREEZING once we were in the air)
2. Dress in layers (Check)
3. Bring water/gum (gum for the plane, water if you feel parched when a flight attendant is not nearby)
4. Bring the currency for both the country you are leaving as well as the one you are entering (thanks Becca for letting me borrow American $$)
5. Adjust to the new country’s time (Thanks Benadryl)

6. Avoid screaming babies

(if you cannot avoid screaming babies, like the one on our plane that NEVER got tired)
7. Play Orchestral music on the plane’s radio, it also helps to relax the mind if you are a bad flyer.

When we were landing (about 8am France Time) Becca and I noticed that the towns were scattered. From the sky France looked like packed city, huge fields, packed city, huge fields. Everyone lives in their own little community. It’s very much unlike the USA.

Around 8:30am we got off the plane, put our luggage at the hotel and headed to our first destination in Paris: Notre Dame


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