Day 3: From Paris to Villennes

4 Jul

We met up with Becca’s friend Iris at the hotel, had a lovely breakfast and jetted over to Sacre Coeur before I had to leave via cab for Villennes.

Sacre Coeur
Sacre Coeur is the 2nd highest point in France (After the Eiffel Tower) and it’s incredibly beautiful.

Around Sacre Coeur is Montmartre (a.k.a. the idea you get in your head with you think of what France will be like.) Plenty of little shops and places. It’s so great there. You can never visit only once (Thanks Skinner for the tip!)

MontmartreThis is the city where all the artists used to live, Van Gogh, Picasso, many poets… and there are still artists to this day!
I took a video of a street performer that I will add later.
I had some lovely French Vanilla France Gelato (that was ordered in French!) and it was amazing.
Also discovered my love of Orangina there, never used to like it before.

Iris and I rushed back to the hotel to meet my taxi at 3:30.
We arrived at 3:35, bags in hand and couldn’t see the taxi anywhere.
I waited until 3:45/3:50 (Because I figured the French may be late, I mean the taxi was reserved, doesn’t that give someone 15min extra?)
The lady at the front desk informed me that taxis are NEVER late in France and if they were they would lose a lot of money.
Initiate heart attack.
I wait until about 4/4:15, frantically tried to email my Au Pair mom with the details, then mustered the courage to order a cab from the front desk.
Still looking out the window every 2 seconds for this prince charming cab driver to pull up and save the day.
After what felt like 40 min, this guy behind me asked me my name and if I’m looking for a cab.
So his cab has NO sign. He asks me to put my stuff in the trunk, he’s pulled over to the SIDE of the hotel. (SO SKETCH)
I double check in my head where my mace is at in my luggage and ask, “Where’s your taxi sign?” (in French. He doesn’t speak English)
He points to a sticker on his car with Villennes the name of the town I’m visiting. And shows me the text his boss sent him with the correct address.
I guess that’s good enough for me. I hopped in the car.
Turns out he was learning English and I wanted to work on my French so we went back and forth. He was very nice.  (WARNING – I believe he was hitting on me, DON’T SMILE)
Before I knew it I was at the house and kissed on both cheeks by my loving Au Pair Mom.
She helped me put my stuff in the daughter’s (for now, MY) room and we jetted off to an American Girl Scout end of the year BBQ.

After the party, I DROVE THE CAR HOME. Driving a car in a foreign country CHECK
Don’t worry folks, it’s the same side of the road as USA (no funny British stuff here.)
It wasn’t that bad. (So thankful for roundabouts in MI, otherwise I would have been freaked out.)
I then promptly brushed my teeth and went to bed.
Feeling safe and secure in this house, and very grateful for a strong and stable WIFI connection!


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