Day 4: Meet the Family

5 Jul

I’m startinBubble gumg to get used to French time. Although it’s kind of weird when I awake around 10am and back home it’s 4am.Makes it semi-difficult to talk to people.
Today I got to finally relax.
I sat at the computer updating the fam back home and seeing who could blow the bigger bubble with Léa.

We had lunch with a neighboring family where the parents told me I should fake like I don’t know French around the little boy (Let’s see how long this lasts.) The deal is I will speak/hear French with the adults and speak only in English around the kids.

Everyone is SO welcoming and nice here. “You don’t seem tired, don’t you have jet lag?” was a popular conversation topic.
I talked a little bit with the parents about University back home, my job and what I’d like to do in the future. (You just can’t escape it at this age.)

After lunch with the family, Evan invited me to a dinner party and I went over to Paris. Being the gentleman that he is, Evan picked me up at the train station and led me around the Metro to find this mysterious place where the dinner was being held. I came early with Evan to help prepare the meal.

My job? “Peel Garlic, once you’re finished beat 3 eggs together, pour some milk and 1/2 water into container.” This whole “3 eggs” process was repeated at least 10 times. Every time I’ move away to try and clean the table they were working on–“3 EGGS!” Or when I wanted to get a sip of water from my bag–“3 EGGS!”
At the end of this cooking catastrophe, I was welcomed with kisses on both cheeks and profusely thanked for the 3 eggs.
Now, the party had started. 100 people were expected to show up at this dinner.
I wanted to meet people from France and practice my French with them, but who did I meet? Two theatre enthusiasts from NY and a couple from Ann Arbor. Sorry France, Home beats you this time.
The dinner was scrumptious! I wish I took a picture. But I’ll go back next week and hopefully remember.

So after a fun night of meeting new people and catching up with Evan and his life in France I caught the last train back to Villennes and went to bed around the same time as the kids. (Not much of a night owl.)


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