Day 5: Paris with the other Courtney!

5 Jul

My first day of work is Wednesday this week (the kids are just finishing up school.) So I got in contact with Courtney (another au pair for a family friend of my family) and we went to Le Jardin des Tuileries. I had never heard of this place before and it’s ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!
Le Jardin des TuileriesTuileries part deuxI finally met Courtney and we talked and walked around Paris. Apparently Courtney is a difficult name to pronounce in France? She was telling me how when she goes to Starbucks she’s gotten a variety of names from various baristas. Today’s was Curim(?).
Courtney?And we talked some more, about the soldes (HUGE sales in France that only happen twice a year, July being one of those months, January is another),  Plans for travelling elsewhere in Europe, I also asked her if she wished to join us on Sunday Night.  Courtney explained where all the deals are, (apparently there are boxes where everything inside of them is only 1 Euro. STEAL.) Après,  we went back onto the Metro.
I asked directions from this incredibly nice French women and her petite child who kept saying la, la, la, la. (Which I find humorous because là = There in French. In America children may sing la, la, la just as nonsense talk.)

But the little girl was pointing and asking là? And the mother would reassure her, “yes the train comes from there.” “…là?” This went on for about 5/7 minutes.

Although some may find that annoying a) this little girl was too cute for words and b) this was a great French learning opportunity. This was one of the few French conversations that I FULLY understood. And didn’t feel like people were speaking in freaky-fast French.
English translation:
“Yes, the train leaves there and comes from the other side.”
“Yes, that’s another train, very good.”

I made it back in time for dinner with the family and I told them about the garden and they talked about their day.
Tomorrow is another day off but I’m so exhausted from running around, I may just stay at the house.


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