Day 7: 1st day with the kids

7 Jul

It’s Wednesday.
Because Léa is leaving for her grandparents in about a week, and the kids last day of school is tomorrow, I decided we should do something fun.
So we went to a neighboring town to see MADAGASCAR TROIS: 3D version français
The kids and I walked around, and asked directions to the cinema (in French)
Saw the movie (apparently the internet lied, it was only in 2D)
The kids loved the movie and I did too. I mean, I’m sure I missed a few subtleties but overall it wasn’t that difficult to follow. The animation really helped when I was lost.
For a sequel, it wasn’t that bad.
After that we decided to walk home and go by the park instead of taking the train back.
So we walk to the park, which wasn’t that far away and Constantin played on the structure. Léa sat with me and wanted to go shoe shopping after.
After the park, Constantin hurt his foot so I carried him and we treked back home.
piggyback ride
The mom said it would take 20 minutes to go back to Villennes, it took close to an hour and a 1/2. Well, she wanted the kids to exercise!
It wasn’t that bad. The kids didn’t complain too much, we just kept walking.
When we got home, we got into the car and went shoe shopping, Constantin got some shorts and Léa got a new outfit.
Constantin fell asleep in the car on the way home and we put him to bed shortly after.
For dinner we had croque-monsieurs  (Ham and grilled cheese sandwiches)

*TIP* When learning a new language (or becoming familiar with a new language) my advice is to be around kids.
I originally took this job because I adore kids, but now I realize how FORTUANTE I am to be around them.
They speak pretty darn near your learning level and tend to repeat things a lot.
Although this may be considered annoying in your native language, it really helps your ear to develop hearing for a second language.

In case you already didn’t know, in France the bathroom and the toilet are seperated and each given a different room.
Although I know this fact, I can never seem to solidify it in my head. Ah well, maybe I’ll make the mistake of looking for the toilet in a different room when I return home to the states.


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