8 Jul

Thursday – July 5th
It’s so quiet in the house, but it’s the last day of school, so I better take advantage of this!

And yep, I’m lonely. Now that it’s noon, I think I’ll grab some lunch then head out to Paris and try to get some shopping done 🙂

Left for the train on my own, got to the station/mall. (YES, it’s a train station that is joined with a 3 story mall. Honestly, one of the best inventions ever.)
Then, this wave of sadness hit me. I wasn’t meeting anyone. It was just me. On my lonesome. Shopping.
No girlfriends, no friends to look for. No one to even text on my cellphone to meet up.

So the Soldes are going on right now, what is that you ask?
for 5 weeks every store is required by law to have items on sale. Not just on sale, but pretty much clearance in USA terms.
Stores had stuff for up to 70% off. a.k.a I hit the jackpot when it comes to times to visit France. And they finish at the end of July, plenty of time to shop.
TIP go to France during the soldes and look for things different from your home country!
So I aimlessly wandered around the mall and found out a few things about France.
A) Everything in this mall costs as much or more than the normal prices back home.
B) Parisian fashion doesn’t really trickle down to these smaller stores, I mean there’s Guess, Gap, and H&M everywhere.
A+B = C) I can get the same thing for cheaper back home, why waste money and luggage space.

But the place I explored is like a mini NY. I also found this amazing MEGA store called Printemps.

PrintempsSeriously looks like a hotel.
And it had not two, not three but..7 levels7 LEVELS of store. With various themes. And WAY too many people working at each station.
I looked at one of the shirts, 154 Euro on sale for 90. NO THANKS PRINTEMPS.
So I continued to look around but nothing caught my eye and it was all SO expensive, and not that well-made.
I was near the Opéra, so I decided to take pictures. I hope I can see a show later on.
Beautiful inside and out.
I must have gone to like 12 stores today. The cheapest deals I could find was a cardigan for 10 euro and pants for 20 euro. Ugh. That’s like normal in the US. Montmartre had better sales and more Paris-y stuff.
I’m trying to walk that fine line of not getting touristy stuff but also getting Paris specific memorabilia. I found a watch that had the Eiffel tower behind it for 10 euro, may have to invest in that.
So today was just a homesick day and shopping therapy didn’t work so I caved and got gelato for 2,30 Euro. It was the best decision I made all day.
GelatoActually that store behind me, Cama–whatever… had the best deals and it wasn’t H&M. I just don’t think I was in the mood for actually buying something.
The girl in the background decided it was her 5 Seconds of fame as well. Too bad she’s blurry.
*TRAVELING TIP* You’re going to feel homesick, it’s pretty much inevitable. (Heck, I got really upset on Day/Night 2 because I couldn’t get Gatorade at Midnight.)
Instead of just moping around at home, my advice is to get out there and explore new things.
Honestly, today was not the best. But being able to tell that to the maid (In French) and just reflecting on it by writing this blog has made me realize that I did some pretty cool things. Experiences that I may not have been able to do otherwise if my whole trip had been planned. It’s an adventure, every day is.


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