Day 9: Thank the Lord for the internet

9 Jul

Friday – July 6th
Did you know that there is this thing called the internet and it can help you figure out what to do in the city you are visiting?
Well, apparently I didn’t until last night.

So a few years back, when I was still in school for my French major, I stumbled upon this lovely website
I figured I would be going to Paris at some point in my life so might as well sign up for the newsletter.
TODAY, I decide to open up one of the weekly newsletters it sends me. TODAY. Not 2 months ago, not in preparation for my arrival like any normal person. Oy gevalt.
Anyways, it was SUPER helpful and really cured my homesick blues. There were other stories of homesick gals as well as places to see and things to do and how not to be overwhelmed!

So, I’ll be looking to that as well as other Paris sites for some guidance. Hopefully this will make for a more enriching experience then just kind of winging it!

Today is a stay at home day with the kids. Probably will try some more English teaching techniques with Constantin.
Léa has a horseback riding test today, he’s a little nervous but I helped to quiz her.
Even though the horse test is in French, we were talking in English so I think that confused Léa.
I just ended up switching to French to help her and asking her the questions in random order so she could know the facts more fluidly.
Constantin and I snapped a few photos of Léa during her test!
Horseback riding!And then, drumroll please…. Léa passed her Gallop 1!!!
What a relief. Especially because it would have taken her a year before she could take the test again.
After that, Léa and I went to the other au pair Courtney’s house and had a wonderful sleepover time with them.

I’m starting to get the hang of driving in France. And I really like the size of the cars, much smaller here than in America. I was explaining to Léa how the cars and trucks are much bigger. One of Villenne’s “semi-trucks” is about the size of a normal truck in Michigan. Léa was astonished.
At the sleepover we did girly things like paint our nails also Court and I were recruited  to braid hair for the girls, it was fun.
The next morning Léa and I had to rush back to the house and get ready for the 4th of July party in France!


One Response to “Day 9: Thank the Lord for the internet”

  1. Susan Zimmer July 11, 2012 at 3:43 am #

    Courtney, what a wonderful time you are having in Paris. I loved reading all about it. Have fun.
    Love, Grandma Sue

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