Day 10: 4th of July Celebration!

10 Jul

It’s true what they say about France, people don’t really arrive on time.
The party officially started at noon.
We were still cleaning the house and setting up the tents around that time.
At 1, the nanny/maid came with her children to help set up.
it’s 2pm, still guests have not arrived. Toto, we’re are so not in Michigan anymore.
in high school, one of my friends would always arrive 15min early to parties. The latest I’ve had a friend show up was a half hour late.
Everyone was very into the theme of 4th of July. Even Glory the family guinea pig.
Glory, aaptly named for this season
At 2:30 piles of people started to trickle in. Everyone was so very nice and very few people speak English. So I jumped at the chance to speak/hear all the French.
I talked with this one lady about University in USA and what I was studying, she was very nice.
I also met another au pair Melinda who is from Germany but speaks German, French, English and knows Latin. She’s 19. We need to step it up, America.
Melinda was so sweet and very excited to practice her English. I practiced my French as much as possible.

Let me tell you though, it’s VERY confusing for me (Melinda as well) to go back and forth from English to French.
When learning another language, it’s really best to be fully immersed in that language and go back & forth as little as possible. I mean, Melinda pulled out Google translate for a few vocabulary words like “Chicken Pox” (which is “varicelle” in French. I don’t know from where we arrived at “Chicken Pox”.)
It was Melinda’s first week in France and she was very excited to meet another au pair her age (as I was too because Courtney will be leaving in a few weeks!)
We swapped phone/Facebook info and will definitely be keeping in touch.

The family’s nanny/maid Latifa also wanted me to teach her daughter Nassima english. Nassima wants to be a flight attendant but needs to know English to do so. It was very good because I spoke a lot of French with her asking her about school and other things.
The girls raiding my room during the party
The girls

Nassima & SofiaNassima on the left and Sofia on my phone. I found about 5/6 pictures of various person’s bottoms afterward. No wonder she looks so mischievous in this picture. 😉

One other tip about practicing another language? It’s exhausting.
I was tired around 5/6 o’clock, (when the party was supposed to end mind you, it ended up going until midnight.) so I guess my Paris plans for later that day were shot. That’s okay, it was raining like crazy outside.
I spent the rest of the night Skype-ing people from back home, working on the blog and planning my adventures in the next coming weeks.

Around 11pm, I was called down to the living room and the girls put on a lovely performance.
Sofia/Léa and the other girls apparently love making up dances and performing them. It was very cute and pretty good!
I stayed down for a little longer and danced with the girls and their moms.
I love this family. I could not ask for anything more as an au pair.
After that I went to bed because all this language work tired out my brain, one step closer to fluency!


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