Day 11: Lazy Sunday

11 Jul

Just a lazy day.
Everyone was sleepy around the house from the party last night.

After the party there was only burgers in the fridge, so the parents went shopping for lunch.
The mom is so sweet, she asked me if there was any food/dessert that I like to eat.
For dessert I told her Mint Chip ice cream would be great if France has it. She got me some! And then proceeded to tell the family that it was mine and they couldn’t have it.
I told them anyone can have it.Like I want a whole tub of ice cream for myself… Well, want? Yes. But probably not the best choice where health is concerned.
The mom left for a business trip in Slovakia and I took the kids over to see Sofia and Yannis while I hung out with Courtney.
We had burgers AGAIN for dinner, 3 meal times in a row (Keep it coming!)
Hung out with the kids, then Courtney and I chatted and planned our trip.
Look out South of France, the Courtneys are coming for you!
Will keep you all posted on our mini-vacation, but there may be a day or two without posts… don’t despair!

I know some of you avid fans can barely wait a whole day to hear the news of my travels (This is sarcasm for those who are having trouble following.)
All in all, It was a lovely night.
Looking forward to a lovely morning at the pool. Toodle-pip!


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