Day 12: Fun in the Sun

12 Jul

Léa leaves in 3 days. 3 DAYS.
I’m gonna miss that girl like no other.

She’s been so helpful with me and Constantin because he slurs his words together and sometimes speaks in slang French that I don’t understand.

And she’s just a sweetheart. But she’ll have a wonderful time in August with her grandparents and I’ll see her in August when I return to the states. 🙂
We all went to the pool today, and it was gorgeous outside… for about an hour.
Constantin is the cutest, he LOVES the water although he cannot swim very well so Courtney and I stayed in the shallow end with him.
Léa and Sofia are spending as much time as they can together before Léa leaves.

At the pool, Courtney was asking Constantin may different questions in English and he got very quiet.
Although Constantin’s English has made a huge improvement since before I got here, he still has a ways to go before he speaks in full complete sentences to express himself.
Courtney had a wonderful time play with Constantin then we all left the pool and headed for a snack.
We ended up sharing 2 baguettes between the 6 of us (at that point, we picked up Yannis from Tennis)

We all headed home to Sofia’s house after where the kids played and the au pairs hung out.
Courtney was going out for the night so I just stayed with the kids and their mom came home shortly after with dinner.
We all went out for “ice cream” later (it was actually gelato, the flavors were in Italian. It was a little confusing.)

And then Muriel (Sofia’s mom) showed me around St. Germain-en-Laye. It’s a gorgeous town! Sort of like a little Paris, without being so overwhelming.
There is a beautiful church, theatre and a lovely park that overlooks Paris.
If you have time to spare when visiting, stop by St. Germain for dinner or something. It’s totally cute.

It was really nice to have a tour guide again, I’ll start to plan some more tour-type things in the near future.
I just prefer having a companion in Paris as opposed to going off by myself.

Tomorrow: Pool day again with the kids!


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