Day 16: Day before the Bastille!

16 Jul

Friday, July 13th  – day before Bastille
I had today off except for dropping Constantin at his school. On days when I’m free, Constantin attends this English school nearby so he can receive more practice.

First of all, It’s so cold in the P.
Paris has been kind of rainy recently and not the best weather.
So Constantin went to school. I had planned to go shopping with Court, but she wanted to have a sleepy day, so I went shopping by myself.
I went to La Defense which is known as the business district, there is also one of the HUGEST malls in France: Le Quatre Temps

So I went to various stores and spent a decent amount of money. But I got two dresses and a t-shirt from Zara and a blazer jacket (like many Parisians wear) at Etam.
The material they use is much thicker than dresses found at Forever 21 and other stores, so I rationalized my spending by the realization that these clothes will last longer than normal items I would pick out for 5 dollars each. I mean, it wasn’t that much either, the dresses ended up being $25 dollars (Euro conversion) which is the same price as a dress on the cheaper end in Michigan. THANK YOU SOLDES!
After a day at the mall I was kind of hungry and bought a little treat from The Waffle Factory. Apparently France likes waffles.
This was delicious! Entitled the begère, ingredients were waffle, chicken, goat cheese and tarragon? I actually was not aware of that third one in French and looked it up when I got home. Turns out tarragon is an herb and the French Tarragon is the best. Huh. I’m obviously not a cook.
After my day of shopping I left La Defense to pick up Constantin from school. I got back to St. Germain kind of early, so I had to give Courtney a quick après-shopping fashion show, of course.
I picked up Constantin who had a wonderful and busy day at the school.
After I dropped him off at home, I went to see Evan.
The plan was to go to one of the Bals de pompiers (Firemen’s Ball) which happens the night before as well as the night of Bastille day at various fire stations.
It’s basically a HUGE dance party with loud music and people drunk and having a good time.
I met up with Evan at his place and we decided to figure out his plans from then on.
Evan lives pretty close to the actual Bastille, so even though it was raining cats and dogs, we went and saw the monument that this whole day is about.
By the time we found a bal de pompiers to go to (And meet Liz, who studied French with us in high school) It was getting late and I was about to miss the last train home.
We listened to the music outside of the ball and I danced in the rain. It was pretty cool.
Evan and I had coffee and tea and just enjoyed the atmosphere.
I then took the last train home at 1am. The station was a little creepy, again I wish I had someone to travel with. But it really wasn’t that bad and I had a newspaper to read so that made me less approachable to creepers. *TRAVELING TIP in France* if you look lost or are wandering around aimlessly, people will come up and talk to you. (At least this is in my experience.)  Not the kind of people you want to talk to, but creepers. Lots of them. As long as you say “No thanks” and immediately walk away , you’re good. I just pretend I don’t know French and that tends to work well.
Good night France! See you tomorrow!


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