Day 18: Everything is closed on Sunday

18 Jul

Sunday, July 15th – Day after Bastille Day
In France, nothing is open on Sunday. Legitimately nothing.
It’s not like “Oh, we have to wait until 12pm” like in America.
Church is open on Sundays though!

Per Courtney’s recommendation, I went to the contemporary service at the American Church in Paris. By myself. And didn’t get lost.
It was lonely, but better. I’m getting better at going into Paris on my own.
It also feels a lot less lonely when you have somewhere to be, where you can potentially meet new people!
It was beautiful.
The woman singing had a PHENOMENAL voice. Come to find out she like studied at the best schools including some in Italy. Shoot.
It was a great message about keeping good company and then I met Anne-Claire.
She was an au pair in Virginia, around the same age as me and we talked for awhile about culture and language in France.

She informed me of the reason many girls don’t wear skirts in Paris.
In case you already didn’t know, everyone wears jeans in Paris. Skinny jeans or long flowy gauchos. Girls rarely wear skirts, unless they are tourists.
Anne-Clair told me that when her mother was young people would say “Bonjour” on the streets. To whomever was walking past, whether you knew them or not, it was polite to say bonjour. She then explained there have been people from various different cultural backgrounds moving to Paris. The integration of these cultures has caused men to look at girls very differently. Anne-Claire said that even a woman looking a man in the eyes is considered an invitation, this almost an equivalent to asking to go out on date in the States. Because of this new cultural difference, women stare at the ground when walking as to not make eye-contact with other guys. Also, they wear long pants to avoid unwanted stares. It’s really sad.
After a few interesting insights, we went to the metro and I left for Villennes.

Before I got on the train to Villennes I saw a sign for a mall. Yep, it was closed. France:  1 Courtney’s shopping habit: 0
BUT WAIT, to the right of the mall up the stairs there was a vendor selling Parisian scarves!
France: 1 Courtney’s shopping habit: 1
Oh France, the things you do to me.
So I bought a few scarves and headed back down to catch the train to Villennes.
I met up with Melinda because we were supposed to explore Villennes.
Émile Zola’s house is pretty close and we were just going to walk around.
We ended up spending most of the day/night at my computer planning out the rest of our time here.
As Au Pairs, we have Wednesdays and weekends off, so we were trying to get all of our France bucket-list items in.
(I mentioned before how I love the Germans? Still do. Even more so now.)
It’s just so nice to have a companion on trips.
So now we have more things planned so I will DEFINITELY have more to write about on this blog, (as if I didn’t have enough.)
Tomorrow is Teaching Time-part deux with Constantin. Can’t wait to see what the day brings!


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