Day 19: Teaching Time – part deux

19 Jul

Teaching checklist for the day:

  • Watched Disney’s Magic English part 2 DVD
  • Constantin is getting a lot better at speaking and enjoys playing the DVD
  • looking up worksheets to color and practice English

Constantin drew a story and then explained what was happening.
This was a very good exercise but 1/2 of what he said was in French.
I filmed the story, so he has something to reference and we will try this activity again to gauge improvement.

Constantin and I baked cookies today as a belated birthday gift for his mother.
I explained to him all that we needed to do and later I will ask him all the steps we had to go through to make the cookies.
Then we tested a few (to make sure no one else would die from eating them of course).
After the cookies were done, Constantin and I went to the park where he saw his friend Théo.

Constantin was playing soccer (Sorry Europe, football) with Théo and his brother Pablo.
Constantin gracefully kicked the ball into the pond. And we searched for a net.
So I’m struggling on the French word for “net” as we ask the police (Their station happens to overlook the park, how nice)
The lady police officer informs me that there is no such thing like a net and then I find one behind a pole near the door.
“Puis-je l’utiliser?” BAH, OUI. (popular French phrase, it’s also probably the funniest French phrase for Americans.)
I’m attempting to create waves to move the soccer ball closer. Pablo found a very long stick and  began splashing the water as well.
It was counter-productive to my efforts, but I couldn’t think of the words in French at the time.
We finally get close to retrieving the ball when the net falls off of the pole.
Now we have lost a soccer ball and the net to this strange, uniquely magnetic French pond.
Pablo then fishes out the ball with the stick and I use the stick to pull out the net. Last thing I need is the French police after me for net thievery.

Despite the soccer ball disaster, there is one thing that is really cool about France. The town hall is where all the shops are as well as the school, library, park,  bank, pretty much everything. It’s really nice because almost every time you visit, there are people and there is typically something to do. In America you have to decide on a restaurant or a house to meet up at and then drive 20min. In France, you just walk 5/10min and you’re in the center. Or hey, take a train.

The cookies turned out great!
Au Pair mom was ecstatically happy and even though Constantin speaks in French for the most part, he knew a lot of the vocabulary from the baking lesson.
Woohoo! English fluency is on it’s way!


2 Responses to “Day 19: Teaching Time – part deux”

  1. bethanybelle13 July 19, 2012 at 3:58 pm #

    BAH, OUI! bahahaha, is that like “oh, yeah”?

    • CourtZim July 24, 2012 at 11:00 am #

      I think so, haha!

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