Day 20: What kind of library is this!?

20 Jul

So I just realized, I’m going to Nice (the town, not the adjective) in, like, 2 days. !!!!
Exciting!! But I’m warning my daily readers, I may have a lapse in blog posting.
We will be spending 4 days in Nice (!!!) and the place we’re staying at SAYS they have Wifi, but I don’t know if I trust it.
So you may get a few blog posts on schedule but you may have to go a day or two without them (C’est dommage!)
Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Today is another teaching day with Constantin.
We watched Peter Pan (in English)
And he did various English worksheets, including Draw a Story.

So apparently, this kid likes turtles.
(I tried to get him to draw the story of Peter Pan, but it didn’t really work out in my favor.)
I was so proud of him though, he told THE WHOLE story in English!
And when he used French, he corrected himself! YAY CONSTANTIN! (Granted the story mainly included the words: Turtle, running, Yellow, Brown, Blue, winning) But it’s definitely a start! I got the story on video as well. 🙂

After finishing the worksheets it was a beautiful day and we went to the park (away from the water as to avoid another soccer incident.)
We played “soccer” (football) and Constantin beat me, that sly fox.
We headed to the library only to find out it was closed until 4pm.
WHAT?! I calculated the hours of this “library”.  It’s only open 17 hours a week.
That’s it. Are librarians full-time in France? I want to work those hours.
When we went (this was a Tuesday, mind you) The house were from 16 – 18:30
In America that’s 4pm – 6:30pm. Only 2 and 1/2 hours of the day is the library open.
Heck, most colleges in America have their libraries open 24 hours!

So obviously this angered me and upset Constantin because he loves books.
Ah well. We’ll return to your library and spend the whole 2 and 1/2 hours there until you kick us out, Villennes!
Then Constantin and I proceeded to “Move It, Move It” back home where he continued his English studies watching Ninjago.


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