Day 21: Touring Montmartre

25 Jul

**Side note about the delay in posts**
As predicted the internet did not only refuse to show up on my tablet’s wifi, but would only work while sitting on the bench in the lobby scrolling through the tiny screen of the blackberry phone I’ve been given by my Au Pair family.
So I took some paper notes and will be transferring thoughts and comments from memory as well.
And now back to Day 21 🙂

I dropped Constantin off at his English school and went to Paris via train.
For a few days now  I’ve been emailing a friend of my parents’, an individual affectionately named “Buddy Joe”.
Joe is in France currently and is very familiar with the Paris scene having been here countless times. Speaking fluent French and teaching French classes at  a private school for some odd 30 years helps with knowing a lot of cool facts.
Upon making plans he casually sent me an email. “By the way, what you do think about this?

The day started off a little late, (still getting used to this whole traveling by metro thing) but I finally found Buddy Joe. He was sporting in a Hawaiian shirt and a Detroit Tigers hat. Love it.

Apparently the balloon people like to take many vacations, so we didn’t have the chance to tour Paris via the sky. So instead Joe took me to his favorite town, Montmartre. Even though I had been there before, it’s definitely a place where you can always learn more about it. Also, I really enjoy being there!

I‘m going to post fun little tidbits from my wonderful tour guide.

Montmartre is one of the few metro stations with the original covering.

Joe and I then went walking around, I learned about Dalida (famous Egyptian French Singer) also the place where he and my parents’ other friend Fitz used to live.

After walking around Montmartre looking for a good place to eat, we stopped at this corner restaurant near Sacre Coeur. For lunch, we had one of the best crepes I’ve eaten here in France. Apparently very few vendors actually make the crepes when ordered, most will just heat up the crepe.

After lunch, we walked around some more and I found about the famous French-Egyptian singer Dalida, The 3 Saints of Montmartre, The Moulin Rouge, as well as the 2 Moulins (Where Amélie worked in the film.)
Montmartre is a wonderful place and always exciting to discover!

After a fun-filled day, I picked up Constantin from school and we went to see the other Courtney and Yannis. The boys played and Courtney and I tried to plan some things for Nice. 1 more day!!


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