Day 22: Traveling Across Paris with Constantin

26 Jul

Okay, so we (meaning I) have a full agenda today.
I’m taking care of/teaching Constantin again and we’re going to the museum of Natural History in Paris.
After our trip there, I will be picking up my backpack for Nice from my Au Pair Mom’s office (she’s so nice!) and heading to Nice with Courtney.
Whew, are my feet going to be tired.

Unfortunately I left my memory card back at Villennes so there are no pictures to go along with this post 😦
So I spent most of the morning packing, printing out my reservation info, and getting ready for Nice.
Constantin spent most of the morning watching an English DVD, Probably Ice Age, I really don’t remember.
Needless to say, I was freaking out. Not the most prepared for this trip.
11am rolls around and we needed to leave to meet Au Pair mom for lunch in Paris.
So we arrive at the train stop (huge backpack, coats, purse and all) around 11:30 for said 11:40am train and it’s delayed, UNTIL 12:20pm.
No matter, I only had a million other things on my agenda before meeting Au Pair mom for lunch at 1pm.

We get on the train, Constantin and I run to get some snacks for Nice, then rush over to the metro. Made it around 1:20 (well at least it’s still 1ish)
We had a lovely lunch and Au Pair mom took the obscenely heavy backpack from my shoulders so I could pick it up after the museum.
Constantin does that thing  little kids do (WALK INCREDIBLY SLOWLY unless they’re getting ice cream) and we FINALLY get to The Paris Museum of Natural History.
The main attraction for Constantin is the Paleontology museum – dinosaurs!
We make our way through the Plantes des Jardins which is a huge outdoor exhibit housing rare & exotic trees and plants from all over the world.
I think I’ve said before that I’m not really a flower/plant person. But this was pretty sweet.
After getting lost a few times, we were finally on our way to see the dinosaurs.
Before the dinosaur exhibit, there was this beautiful long pathway of flowers and that helped to put my mind at ease. (Stop stressing about Nice, Courtney!)

To all you travelers out there, The Paris Museum of Natural History is free to anyone under the age of 26. BONUS.
So Constantin and I got in for free and looked around at fossilized remains of various sea-life on the first floor. 2nd floor was dinosaurs and the 3rd (less exciting) floor was a bunch of shells and clams and whatnot. I translated a lot of the names and would repeat them in English. Constantin is definitely improving, he enjoyed hearing all the names in English and would often repeat them after me.
The museum was really awesome but I was EXHAUSTED from carrying that backpack and dragging Constantin everywhere.
Wasn’t exactly in the best mood for a long trip to the museum. I was worried about traveling later that night.

Constantin was hungry around 4pm so we went to MacDo (MacDonalds) and shared a happy meal for a snack.
Is it my imagination that happy meals are most extravagant? Maybe it’s a France thing but Constantin got Apple Juice, Applesauce, Fries, a McFish for kids and a toy. And he had all these wonderful choices that I asked him 3 times for memory’s sake.
Shoot, in my day we had toy, burger/chicken nuggets and fries. Done.

After our snack, we wanted to go back into the exhibit but everything closed at 5pm. Ugh. Everything closes so early in France.
So we headed back to Au Pair mom’s office to drop off the kid and pick up the backpack that weighs 5 times as much.
I grabbed a crepe and sat at the Tuleries waiting to hear the call from Court to meet at the train station.
We got there and I waited in line to get our official tickets.
Courtney and I didn’t have the best meet up plan so we had a slight panic moment, but then met up outside the train platform.
We took the night train and skipped out on the beds because there were 70 euros extra.
Aside from the annoying neighbors who kept kicking my chair, it wasn’t that bad. The chairs were nice and comfortable to our pleasant surprise.
Courtney slept like 11 hours, I’m happy one of us got some sleep.

Tomorrow we arrive in Nice at 9am!


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