Day 23: NICE to meet you :)

27 Jul

I wake up around 7am on the train to this GORGEOUS view of the sunrise over the mountains.
Even though I’m a tad tired, the guy behind me keeps kicking my chair and when stops people who walk by carelessly bump it, I think I’ll stay awake.
I grab a packet from our stash of Belvitas (BEST SNACK EVER) and continue to read Blue Like Jazz which I started to read the night before.
As I’m trying to read I take very small breaks to look out and enjoy the beautiful scenery.
The South of France is amazing. A lot of people RAVE about how wonderful it is and I didn’t really buy into it. (Didn’t want my expectations to be too high.)

When we arrived in Nice (after getting so see glimpses of Cannes, Antibes, Juan Des Pins and others) we made our way to the hostel to check in.
We stayed at Chez Patrick’s Backpacker’s Hostel which was recommended by The Lonely Planet, MTV, and various other credible travel sources.
Patrick at Chez Patrick was sitting at the desk, promptly ready to greet us. He knows a few words in English but mostly spoke understandable French, which was awesome!
He gave us a map and drew on it where the bus stop was and some other place we’d like to visit. I love Patrick.
We got changed and headed to the beach which is about a 10min walk.

Walking down the main street (Jean Médecin) we saw SO many shops and restaurants. This hostel was in a marvelous location.

We spent the whole day at Opera Beach which was full of nice, smooth rocks. Not sand, rocks. Granted this part of the beach was probably the comfiest of the others, because the rocks were sharp, small and pointy.
The water was so blue but also EXTREMELY salty, like I could feel the salt on my skin. It was so nasty when the salt got in my hair.
Nice was full of palm trees and kind of looked like a mixture of Italy and Florida.
So we got obscenely tan, I put sunscreen on twice or 3 times. Ah, a nice day to relax.

We walked down the boardwalk and saw all the shops and people sunbathing. Although Nice was full of people, it was never overwhelmingly packed.
We also visited the Marché des fleurs which is a small market that takes place nearby the water. Lavender soap is a huge export item. It smelled wonderful.

Today was kind of relaxing then at night we went out to this place Courtney’s Au Pair mom recommended,which indeed did have the best pizza I’ve had in awhile.

Courtney and I had a wonderful time walking around and exploring Nice but then being able to plan our trip tomorrow to Cannes! SO EXCITED!

Oh and this happened sometime during the day:
“Life’s a beach when you’re in Nice! Wait… that doesn’t rhyme.” – Courtney 1 (I’m Courtney 2 according to the kids we Au Pair)


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