Day 24: CANNES you believe it?!

28 Jul

So to start off the day, Courtney and I almost missed the 1 Euro bus.
Apparently the clock on my phone is 8 min late. (How did I JUST find this out?)
No wonder I’ve been missing trains left and right!

We took the bus (totally inexpensively awesome) to Cannes. It was an hour and a half trip.
I finished Blue Like Jazz and poor Courtney had to stand for most of the ride. I offered to switch with her but she wouldn’t do it.
She totally got cool person points because she gave up her seat to an elderly lady with heavy bags. Way to go, Court!

We arrived and headed for none other than… The Cannes Film Festival of course!
We looked at the hand prints, only a few famous American stars, most were French.
Then we headed to Monoprix because I forgot my towel and had to get a new one.

Courtney had planned to meet up with her friends, Mazen, Neal, Tybalt. (Yes, like the character from Romeo & Juliet. I may have freaked out. Just a tad.) Apparently Tybalt is a popular name in France, go figure.
They took us to the ferry and we headed to St. Marguerite!
…and then I found 2 Euro. No seriously, totally did on the dock before boarding the ferry. SWEET.

Anyways, St. Marguerite is one of two islands near the coast of Cannes. It is INCREDIBLY beautiful.
Here’s a photo that does not do it justice.

So explored the caverns a little while and swam (still super salty water.)
Feeling tired from not getting the best sleep at the igloo room at Chez Patrick, I just rested on the beach. I ended up reading Premiere, a French magazine with a bunch of movie reviews.
I so have to buy the subscription for this, I just ATE those movie reviews up.
This month was about the new Spiderman and now I TOTALLY want to go see it.
It’s directed by the guy who did (500) Days of Summer!

The guys and Courtney went jumping off the rocks while I napped, but I got this lovely picture of them!

We stayed until about dinner time then Courtney and I headed back to Nice. We had a nice night out exploring.
We went shopping and bought some great stuff for super cheap. Just the way I like to shop!
Nice is beautiful at night and during the day!

Tomorrow’s plans? St. Paul and Monaco!


One Response to “Day 24: CANNES you believe it?!”

  1. ichen July 29, 2012 at 3:35 am #

    Sounds like you’re having fun!

    By the way, love the puns 🙂

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