Day 25: Princess of Genovi—Monaco

29 Jul

Courtney and I got up early to visit this lovely town entitled St. Paul.
Unfortunately no one in Monaco knows the bus/tram/train to get to St. Paul so we hopped on the bus to Monaco instead.
Although Courtney really wanted to visit Monaco, I was more interested because of Princess Grace Kelly’s history.

We hoped on the 1 Euro bus again, this time the distance was significantly shorter, or at least it felt like it because we got to see BEAUTIFUL scenery on the way. We stop at the bottom of this hill and make our way up to see the Palace.

After we climbed the super steep steps that many amounts of tourists had to take a breather from, we made it into the town square. It was so beautiful.
We even saw some royal driving away because there was a police car in front and back of this really nice black car.
We got to the Palace where there was a guard outside strutting back and forth, protecting the castle to this day.
There was a tour that costs 8 Euros (4 euros for student fee) to see the palace, so I jumped at the chance! We had a tiny audio guide in British English and the voice-over man proceeded to discuss the royals/palace of Muhn-ack-oh.
So apparently that’s the correct pronunciation, always thought it was Mahn-oh-co
Pictures were not allowed in the museum which was the biggest bummer, but we got through it and took pictures elsewhere.
We went back down the castle steps, got some lunch and sat over looking the marina.

70% chance of rain, my bottom.
It was gorgeous!

We then made our way to the famous casino Monte Carlo, it didn’t open until 2pm so Court and I had an hour to kill. We did that by laying in the shade (SO HOT) and taking pictures.

Monte Carlo is extremely classy. It wasn’t huge like other casinos now but it looked like you were gambling in a palace. I felt completely underdressed in my sundress but most people were tourists and looked like, well, American tourists.  We ended up spending 5 euro on a slot machine, just to try it. (Courtney and I are not hardcore gamblers by any means, we honestly had a hard time working the slot machine.)
We were winning at first but slowly cut our losses at 55 centième (cents) So long, Monte Carlo!

We then tried to find the beach but were told it wasn’t that great and after St. Marguerite yesterday, I don’t think more rocks will be what I’m looking for.
So we headed back on the bus JUST as the storm was starting to brew. Whew!
Went back to Nice and ate at La Pizza Cresci on our final night.
As we walked home there was this beautiful quartet of 2 violins and 2 accordions playing wonderfully. Court and I stopped for a little to watch them then we headed back to the hostel.
That is when this slightly drunk Mexican guy asked us if we wanted to go to a club with him and his friends.
They were about our age so we decided to follow them and see what was up. These guys were SO nice and funny. There ended up being 2 Pablo & 2 Courtneys. An ever-lasting bond was formed.
So we spent the night walking on the boardwalk and talking with them.
I asked them a lot of culture questions about Mexico City, it’s really interesting to hear what’s true and what’s not.
Finally we headed back to Chez Patrick and got ready for our last day in Nice!


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