Day 26: South of France – The Voyage Home

30 Jul

Courtney and I originally planned to go somewhere else since our plane was leaving at 9pm, but we stayed put. (wise descision)
Courtney and I PACKED everything into our bags, had to leave a few things behind because it wouldn’t fit. (Easy Jet has strict baggage rules)
We picked out our outfits ahead of time as to layer our bulkiest clothing.
Check out time was at 10:30am and chez Pat would not budge with the time. (Or let us take showers after a day at the beach)

After we left our luggage at Chez Pat, we relaxed along the beach, I tried to catch up on some much needed sleep. (The combination of ice-cold air conditioning in Nice + the train ride here, really had me not feeling so good.)
I took a few naps. It was a HOT day. Perfect to get that last-day-in-Nice tan.
We met some people from Switzerland and they were super nice. We gave them some of the stuff we couldn’t fit in our bags.

This was Courtney’s last full DAY in France. She was leaving the next morning for Canada!
She was so sad to go but so incredibly happy to see her family.
We had a last supper at Subway, it was delicious and we had a coupon.
Then headed to the airport in our beyond crazy outfits.

At the airport we had wifi for 30min so I checked email, FB and instagramed a photo.

We arrived in Paris at 11pm, just missing the last train to Courtney’s Au Pair household.
So we rushed to the Noctelien bus (which was free) headed to another RER, Waited for about an HOUR for the RER to move.
Due to the WORST transportation ever in France. We ended up getting back at 4am.
So, it was a long night. Courtney didn’t sleep at all because she had to be up at 7am for her flight and still had to pack a few things (I don’t know how she does it. )

I had such a wonderful time with Court, she was such an awesome travel buddy and I’ll miss her SO much!
Best wishes, chica!


One Response to “Day 26: South of France – The Voyage Home”

  1. courtney s August 2, 2012 at 10:07 pm #

    Gah, reading all of these posts makes me miss you soooo much ! we had such a wonderful time and i’m so glad we got to share it together!!! ciao baby

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