Day 27: Pool Party with Melinda

31 Jul

Constantin and I did our normal English studying routine and then headed to Melinda’s for some exercise and cooling off.
I talked with Melinda and the kids played.

I don’t know if I mentioned this before but France children have lice. Like all of them. Have it multiple times in their life. And it’s no biggie.
Melinda was telling me how her kids had/have it and give it to each other.
her Au Pair mom gave her some lice be gone and she’s been putting it in her head as a precaution.
I mean, we do. But people put the stuff in their hair, wash all the clothes and freeze stuffed animals.
In France they just put the stuff in the hair and let the kids roam free.
Melinda taught me how to look for lice and what they look like.
(NEVER had it as a kid, I was totally clueless when I found out about this my THIRD day in France. Just put never wore my hair down in the house.)
Léa has had lice, Sofia too. Courtney’s been here 3 months and didn’t get it (we’re convinced that the girls just had dandruff though. I didn’t see any bugs moving in any of their hair.)
Ugh gross, gross. So far Lice-free!

Apparently Constantin is REALLY tired from the weekend (as am I, Nice was crazy!)
So he was a little crankier than usual. And didn’t really swim as much.
When we got back he slept forever. Poor boy.
Tomorrow will probably be a lot better.


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