Day 28: Nerves, Heat Waves, and Compliments

31 Jul

Due to the lapse in posting, y’all get two-for-one today – hooray!

Today was crazy. I’ve been going back and forth about heading to London. I was supposed to go with someone, but it just didn’t work out.
Hotel is booked. Now, I going to a new country. On my own. *Glup*  At least they speak the same language.

Constantin has been really sleepy lately so he watched more movies and TV then I’ve ever let him watch.
He did the story activity, wasn’t really feeling it today.
Then we played soccer and went to the library.
Today was a high of 32 Celsius. Check your converters people, that’s a hot mess.
And keep in mind buildings in France DO NOT have air conditioning. Thought we would cool off in the library, not so much.
Constantin wanted to do a puzzle with me so we spend some quality bonding time.

So we headed home and ate dinner with the family on the terrace.
That’s a big thing in France. To eat on the terrace. It’s just like a porch, but the furniture is SUPER nice. It’s not like this plastic table that is an easy cleanup for hardcore weather.
And the French LOVE to eat on the terrace. Whenever they can.
My family even brings a music player out there. It’s so fun.
I tried Mint Chocolate Yogurt-type cream thing. IT WAS DELICIOUS.
SO different than yogurt back home.

During dinner I talked with Au Pair mom and dad about Constantin’s advanced learning of English.
She told me that Constantin really enjoyed learning English whereas Léa never really liked it, as it felt like a chore.
Au Pair mom told me – You have a “dot” for inspiring and motivating students to learn.
Dot means gift in French. We say that in English a lot, “you have a gift for something.” But ever since I learned about the word “dot” It’s always been much more powerful than the word “gift.” I can’t really think of an English equivalent. When you know another language, this happens a lot. There is no exact way of translating a certain intent in a phrase.
I’m so happy that Constantin is progressing. He’s so happy to be learning another language and to be able to speak it better.
What a great feeling it is to have helped someone learn.

Constantin and I will continue to speak in English and to improve his speaking, but also visiting his English-speaking cousins in MI will really help him.
I’m gonna take a shower and then what’s on the agenda for tomorrow? THE POOL.


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