Day 29: Pool with Melinda part 2

1 Aug

Ugh. I’m tired. It was evident yesterday but super evident today. So tired from all the hassle traveling to Nice.
Now on my way to London. I’m just exhausted.
I love traveling and seeing new places, I just wish I wasn’t so overworked.
Watching kids is hard work. I haven’t gotten the best sleep since Nice.
It’s been super hot here as well. I really think I should go to bed early tonight, especially with Paris in the morning.
I’m so excited to go home. I’ve had a really wonderful time here, but I just miss home. I miss my friends and family. I miss MY bed. I miss being by myself when I want to be.
I miss it all.
France is gorgeous but I miss being able to travel where I want to go. We take so much for granted in the States. We can go wherever we’d like, whenever. We can buy food at almost any hour of the day. It’s SUPER convenient. That’s not how it is in Europe.
I’m just homesick. Super homesick. To the point where doing things here just doesn’t seem enjoyable.
It’s really bad, I shouldn’t let it get to me on this trip.
I’m just glad I’m not staying here for an entire year. That would have been super hard.

Okay, now the sad violin is done playing – Pool soon! Excited because it’s FLIPPIN’ hot.

Had a good time hanging out with Melinda, the kids played together and Constantin was more alive today. Obviously he’d gotten some good sleep!
We headed back and it was a typical day really, nothing exciting to report.

Packing for LONDON tomorrow!


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