Day 30: London Calling!

2 Aug

I woke up early, had to drop Constantin off at school before leaving for my train to London.
A little nerve-wracking because I was not yet packed and still trying to figure out how to get to the train station.
When I finally arrived at Gare Paris Nord, the nerves began to leave.
I was leaving on Opening Day of the Olympics to arrive in London. Just outside of the games, yes, but you bet it was a madhouse.
It took awhile to get my passport checked and to fill out this paper confirming how long my stay is.
As soon as I went up to the London passport-checker lady, I got drilled with questions.
“Why are you coming to London?”
“There’s this awesome musical, Matilda at the Cambridge theater and I’m so excited to see it!”
“Why are you in France?”
“I’m an Au Pair.”
There were a million other questions but they came at me so fast I don’t remember them.
All I remember was her last phrase – “Oh, you’re only here for a short while.” She then handed me back my passport and I was free.
The backpackers behind me didn’t get questioned that harshly.
Dude. I was by myself. No one else.
A petite, blonde girl is a threat to the British government? Okay.

I finally made it to the train. There were two Swedish girls across the way (who spoke English) and they were incredibly nice.
I kind of wanted to nap, but it was great to have people to talk to.
Upon leaving the train, we were welcomed by 5 familiar multicolored rings

When I left the train, Buddy Joe was outside wearing his Hawaiian shirt!
He planned to take me to my hotel and then out to lunch – what a great guy!
So we took “the tube” (which is INCREDIBLY confusing by the way, I seriously feel like I can handle any metro system after London.)
And finally arrived at my beautiful hotel!
I dropped my bag off and we ate at a neighboring restaurant and he headed back to his hotel.
Now this was it.
I was in my hotel. By myself. No one else for this whole weekend. And I didn’t feel nervous at all.
My room was the cutest thing – here’s a photo 🙂
After lunch I got ready to go to Hyde Park (to see DURAN DURAN!)
but first, a nap.
I don’t know why, but I was EXHAUSTED. Well, I mentioned it before in my blog posts, so I guess I know why.
I hate naps. It makes me feel like a baby, but they’re so good.
When I woke up I was so out of sorts I LITERALLY said out loud, “Time to get up, Court.  ….Court?”
She wasn’t there. Because I wasn’t in Nice anymore. She was in Canada.
This was one of those “homesick moments” when a wave just smacks you in the face. But I ignored it. For the first time.
Oh right, duh Courtney. You’re here by yourself, let’s go out and explore.
On the way to Hyde Park I stopped by a small grocery store and picked up dinner (a sandwich to go, chips and a drink.)
Upon arriving at the cash register I saw this beautiful candy bar that was glowing. After Eight.

Courtney’s thoughts – Mint! They don’t have Yorks here, I’ll give it a try.
I never want a York again.
(Dear friends, please don’t ever stop giving me York Peppermint Patties. I will always find a home for them. In my tummy.)
This was AMAZING. I was full after like 2 bites, but finished the whole thing. Typical.

I ate this meal on the way to Hyde Park and found out it was 62 pounds to go inside and see Duran Duran +other artists where it was free to not see but listen to them crystal clear just outside the big green man-made barricade. Done. I sat under a tree and ate dinner by myself. Was in no particular rush until Duran Duran was finished.
I was totally content with being by myself. Something I never would have thought I would feel while being in another country. At least they spoke English.
After my meal I headed back to the hotel and continued to watch the Opening Ceremony from my cute little bed.
Tomorrow was a new day filled with Matilda tickets and the Globe theater. So pretty much it’s a theatre geek day.


2 Responses to “Day 30: London Calling!”

  1. Katie January 27, 2013 at 6:50 pm #

    Hi I love reading your blog. I’m going to France to be an Au Pair for a year starting in August. I was wondering what the name of the hotel was where you stayed in London? Thanks!

    • CourtZim January 28, 2013 at 7:11 pm #

      HI Katie! So glad you’ve enjoyed the blog.
      I stayed in Bayswater (which is a little outside of the city but it was nice to go back to quiet after being the in the city. I think I mentioned that in the blog but I don’t remember.)
      It was called The New Linden Hotel.
      Let me know if you have any questions about Paris/France 🙂

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