Day 31: Theatre Geek Day

3 Aug
Day 2 in London.
I finally figured out that the air in my hotel doesn’t work  (no wonder I was so hot) and cracked open a window.
I got up early to get my complimentary breakfast and hop on the tube early to get tickets for Matilda.
For College aged individuals there are seats for only 5 pounds – a steal.
Headed to Seven Dials around 8:45am (got a tad lost) and ran into these beautiful people
Ooph. Guess I’m not getting those 5 pound tickets.
No matter.
After a little while of sitting down I noticed a coffee place nearby.
In London “Caffé Nero” is everywhere. It’s more popular than Starbucks so I wanted to try it!
Well I mostly wanted to try because up until this point I thought the place was called “Caffé Nerd” (which is still a better name than ‘Nero’ in my opinion)
As I was looking at my very tall and cinnamon-y cup of Chai Latte I realized that was a O and not a D.
It was very good! The added cinnamon wasn’t the best choice but I couldn’t hear what the male barista was saying.
Apparently “Here or Take Away?” sounds a lot like “Do you want cinnamon?” in a thick Italian accent.
*Culture note* In Europe it’s never “to go” it’s “take away” or in France “à emporter”
So I bought an Olympic special edition paper and read while waiting for the ticket office to open.
These wonderful girls from South Africa got in line behind me and we were chatting.
They just came from NY and went to an arts school in South Africa. They wanted to see what acting life was elsewhere.
We ended up finally getting to the start of the line to find out the cheapest available seats were 62 quid. Ugh.
Guess I’m skipping lunch… And dinner. For the rest of my time in London.Now that I had the ticket I rushed to get a watch (because my cellphone/only source of the time had broken the day before)
I found one that was super cute and more pounds than I hoped to spend on a temporary watch. Where’s a Meijer when you need one?
I sucked it up and decided to make this purchase a long-term one rather than temporary.Took the tube to the Globe Theatre but first stopped by St. Paul’s Cathedral.
Across the way was the path to the Millennium Bridge which had speakers on either side and storytellers/poets recite their work.
For those of you who are my Facebook friends, you may recognize this photo. I love it. What a great day.The Millennium Bride took us right to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre!
I was SOOO excited to tour the Globe. Being an avid Shakespeare fan for many years, (Yeah I took Honors Shakespeare in high school, didn’t you?) It was excited to sit in the theatre. Next time I go back I’d love to see a show.
Paired with the tour there was this exhibition. It was so incredibly detailed down to talking about the makeup Shakespeare’s Men used and why. I literally arrived about 45min before my tour started and barely had time to get through 1/4 of it. You could spend HOURS in that Shakespeare museum. It was marvelous.
Now back to the theatre, here was my first look at the beautiful globe.

I don’t know about you, but my imagination took a hold of me. I thought of everyone in Peasant costumes and looking to where the queen and her royal crowd would sit.Checking the time on my new watch, I had just enough time to by a pen and a bookmark from the store and head back to see the 2:30 matinee of Matilda.I met up with my South African friends (we had tickets next to each other) and we sat down. The set was beautiful! Glow-in-the-dark Scrabble tiles everywhere.
Now most of you know that I’m a tad obsessed with Matilda. It was my favorite childhood story growing up. I played Matilda both in a Middle School play and for my Forensics piece.
I have the entire movie memorized line-by-line. Even though I have read the book, I do not own it. (Upcoming birthday gift ideas, peanut gallery?)
Anyways, this musical was AMAZING. I would put it up there with the marvel that is Wicked. Seriously one of my top 5 favorite performances.
I can’t wait for it to come to NY and to see how they change it. I’d LOVE to see it again. I don’t think I would get bored of this show.
I HIGHLY recommend it. The South African girls loved it as well.
So worth the 62 pounds.

After seeing the musical of a lifetime, what does one do?
Wander around London aimlessly.
My Au Pair mom also wanted me to pick up some Olympic t-shirts for her nephews so I stumbled upon the Royal Opera House (One of the best places to stumble upon.)
They were letting people take pictures with the Olympic torch for free. Okay!

Sporting the new red watch, which is really cute and a totally great souvenir.
After I got the t-shirts I headed back to the hotel to chill then headed to the Prince Edward to try Fish and Chips.
Okay, this was a big struggle because I HATE fish. But this was an authentic London-ite dish.
So culture won out over personal tastes and it was wonderful! The people at the restaurant were incredibly nice as well.
I met a lovely family from Arizona and talked with them. The mom is a German professor at University and they were here for a week (I told them all about Matilda and the Globe.)
It was a great time and then I headed back to the quaint hotel.
Whew, I didn’t realize that was such a big day until typing this!
Tomorrow is my last day in London, wonder what’s on the agenda?


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