Day 33: My Day with Lauren

5 Aug

Tuesday – free from Au Pair-ing.
My friend Lauren was in Paris for only a day before her plane took her back to The Mitten and we planned to hang out.
I met her by her hotel (because she’s afraid of riding the metro by herself and after I rode down there, I can see why.)
We had lunch and caught up. I don’t believe I’ve sat down and talked with Lauren for close to 6 months, maybe longer.
It was so nice to talk about our experiences in France. We had a lot in common but then there were things in Angers that were different than Paris.
I can’t think of any specifics currently, but it’s like in the United States. People in California behave differently than people in Michigan.  (That goes for you, Uncle Tim. 😉 )
Heck different relatives within the same family behave differently.

Lauren talked about her growth as a person, how she feels a lot more at peace with being alone (see my previous post about London, similar story)
There really is a strong travelers’ bond . Those who haven’t had the chance to travel on their own (to a foreign country especially) don’t really understand it.
It’s awesome. Again, I wish everyone had the chance to do so.
After our lunch I asked Lauren if she visited Montmartre she said “No, I wanted to.” And we hopped on the metro.
The line next to her hotel was a straight-shot to Montmartre and I knew she had to see it.

Background history on Lauren –
She’s an artist. (Montmartre is the city of artists)
She loves to sing & act (proabably dance but I don’t know that fact about her)
She loves musicals.
Basically, Montmartre is a town that was made for her.
Also the Moulin Rouge is there.

So we went, visted Le Deux Moulins (where Amélie worked in the film.)
Had a tartine for “gouter” (snack)
We visited the Moulin Rouge where Lauren’s life was complete. Then Sacre Coeur which is probably one of my favorite spots in Paris.
Après, she had to meet her friend Kevin at 6:00pm and we were about 10min away time-wise and 30min away distance-wise.
So we arrived at 6:30, Kevin was still waiting and we went back to Lauren’s hotel so she could online check-in for her plane.
After Lauren was on the phone for a year and a half (it’s okay, M&Ms were eaten and I may have taken a nap with my eyes open) we walked to the Eiffel Tower, which really wasn’t that far.
We got something to eat at Monoprix and sat on the Champs de Mar eating a baguette with Bousin & Ham and drinking some red wine.
It was great, we never get to eat in front of the Eiffel Tower at home.
Later that night, Lauren’s friend Sarah came and we headed to the Trocadéro for my metro back to home.
I don’t know why people don’t mention the Trocadéro as a major monument, it’s REALLY pretty at night.
Down in the metro there were HERDS of people. No idea why. I helped a German family buy a ticket for the metro and FINALLY got on my way.
What a fun night but I’m ready for bed. Tomorrow is my last day as an au pair! 😦


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