Day 34: My Last Day as an Au Pair

6 Aug

I definitely caught some sort of something. Today is my last full day with Constantin and I will use and entire roll of toilet paper to blow my nose.

My last day Au Pair-ing in France.
It was a weird combination of “I’m so glad, now I can do things on my own!” and “Where did the time go?”
I realized that 5 weeks was gone. It really doesn’t feel like it’s been THAT long.
I get a good grasp on the time when I look back on photos or these blog posts (Speaking of which, I’ve noticed a few spelling/grammar errors. I promise to fix those.)
Crazy. So much has happened and it really hasn’t hit me until today.
When I got here Constantin spoke English only to say “no” and “yes.” A lot of it was a guessing game.
“Do you want some cereal?”
“Which kind would you like?”
*pulls out box* “Would you like this one?”
Now, I went to wake him up and for the first time he spoke to me in English.
He’s speaking in actual phrases and understanding more than ever!
I did another video recording of him telling a story and he sped through it. At the end he said, “Okay, I’m finished!” Haha.
The first one took forever and this last one was about 30 seconds long.
That’s a lot of progress in a short amount of time.

He’s leaving today to join his sister in the south of France for a week.
I’m on my own. Well, with Melinda when she’s not au pair-ing but mainly, on my own.
I love teaching but this point is so bittersweet. I’ve helped him to learn English through good times and bad, and now my part is done. The next step is up to him and his parents. It’s hard to let go, part of me wants to be there every step of the way and see him grow more in his acquisition of the language. But I can’t. I just hope that the family keeps in touch from an Atlantic Ocean away.
Constantin and I did a few worksheets, we watched Ninjago (it’s a little addicting even though the writing is obviously for small children) and we headed to Au Pair mom’s work.
Last train ride together!

After taking Constantin all of these places I still wonder if people thought I was an Au Pair or a young mom?

From Au Pair mom’s work, she and Au Pair dad took Constantin and were on their way to the airport. They waved goodbye/see you later and walked down the road.
This was a familiar scene, the same thing happened when I went to Nice with Courtney. Two parties brought together by one common bond, taken away by other wants & needs. Last time I left Christine and Constantin I was exhausted, a little scared and also a little excited to be taking on France by myself.
Now, I felt comfortable. I wasn’t worried. I knew what I wanted to do, where I wanted to go and just did it.
Paris is like that. It’s so overwhelming but once you stay for awhile, you figure out a system and it stills feels overwhelming, but more manageable.

I window-shopped a little bit on my way back then headed home. Nothing exciting but it was really nice to just relax.


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