Day 35: Les Vacances in France

7 Aug

Today was a lazy day. I worked on my blog, gave my room a much-needed cleaning day, packed my suitcase to see if all my new stuff would fit, (SUCCESS!) and took a shower.
Lazy day in Paris.

My Au Pair mom just wanted me to go to the post office and pick up a package.
That’s it.
But nothing is that simple in France.
When I arrive at the post office I see a sign saying that it’s closed from July 30th – August 13th and to go to the branch in Orgeval. (Typical France, no store is open in August. They’re all on vacation for a month.)
I tell this to Au Pair mom and she proceeds to call La Poste and when she gets home from work, she takes me on a drive to show me where this post office is.

Upon reading this novel that Lauren gave me I’ve come up with a phrase for situations like this one.
FWA. France wins again.

On the way to La Poste in Orgeval, we stopped at a typical French supermarket. It looked like a Walmart only smaller, and much more French.
There was a whole aisle dedicated to baguettes and different cheeses and Au Pair mom got some After Eights! She’s the best.
The supermarché closes at 8pm (20:00) in France so we had to rush in, get a few things and get to the cash register otherwise they wouldn’t take us.
Another thing that Americans may not realize is you have to pay for a grocery bag.
Au Pair mom picked this one that was really cheap but at the store they don’t give you bags, you have to bring your own or buy one.
It’s kind of like our green movement back home where you bring your own reusable bag.
Typically these bags are HUGE. This ain’t no plastic cheap-o from Meijer, it’s pretty think and hold pretty much all of your groceries (since French food is in smaller quantities than American food.)

Even though it’s a lazy day, there’s always something new to learn in France.


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