Day 36: Girl’s Night!

8 Aug

During the day I tried to pack all of my things into my suitcase.
I’m nowhere near leaving France (well more-so than I was before) but I just wanted to see if I could fit any new clothing/things from France.
The answer? Heck yes.

The Au Pair parents are off on a business trip this weekend so I have the house to myself!
What did I do? Invite Melinda to spend the night so it wasn’t as scary.
She had her very first Croque-Monsieur (made by moi, yes I can semi-cook) and loved it!
So we had our “gouter” (snack) and got ready to go to Paris tonight.
We ended up getting tickets for the Bato Bus which is a water taxi through a bunch of major exhibits along the Seine in Paris.

I highly recommend this for those traveling to Paris.
For an adult it’s 15 Euro for the whole day (10am – 9:30pm) and you can hop on/off and go see these major landmarks then wait about 20min for the boat to take you to the next place.
So worth it.

After traveling to the Eiffel tower and going through the whole tour of the Bato Bus, we headed back home and made dinner. Spaghetti!
Melinda slept on the pull out couch below my bed and we watched Emperor’s New Groove before we fell asleep.
Kind of a relaxing night in Paris, but tomorrow we plan to go shopping!


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