Day 37: Shopping après les Soldes

9 Aug

Melinda and I went shopping today.
The Soldes are technically over. However there are a few stores where the sales are extending to August 7th, and that’s where Melinda and I can be found.
I don’t think I’ve mentioned the different stores Paris has to offer.
Of course there are the major brands: Chanel, Louis Vuitton, etc. But who has that kind of money?
A popular store (much like Forever 21 back home) is Zara. It has multiple floors including baby and guys fashion.
I love Zara. Even though it’s based out of Spain, the French love it.
Another is Promod.
This store only carries girl’s clothes but I made my first Parisian buy. Everyone has been wearing these pastel-y florescent colored pants so I bought Peach. (Only 20 Euros, thanks Soldes!)
Peach and Mint Green are very popular for the summer time paired with a white shirt.
I’ve seen the Mint Green pants at home but had a harder time finding peach, so peach it is!
Melinda and I looked in other stores like Pull & Bear and then we ventured the Galeries Lafayette.
This store is much like that Printemps store I mentioned many blog posts back, although things here are actually affordable.
There are 7 levels all containing different things. There’s even a floor for souvenirs.
On the souvenir floor there was a whole library – jackpot.
I spent probably about an hour looking through French books. I bought way too many, but we don’t have these back home and they will definitely help me and the kids I tutor.
Melinda was totally crushing on the cashier (who graciously helped me with all my books and didn’t look at me like I was crazy)
He was pretty cute and hey, he spoke German, she was sold.
Unfortunately she was too chicken to say something and he was working so we left their relationship to serendipity!
Melinda had to watch the kids at 6pm, so we called it a night and I made dinner for myself then planned our day for tomorrow.


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