Day 38: Paris in the Rain

11 Aug

Melinda slept over and we had a lazy morning.
We ended up deciding against Versailles, too difficult to get there.
We tried to meet my friend from high school Mark at the Louvre, today was the first Sunday of the month, a.k.a. free museum day.
But we got there just as the museum was closing.
FWA, man. France Wins Again.

So we walked around the Tuileries with our umbrellas and spoke in French for about an hour or two.
I was so surprised how my French improved! I wasn’t searching for words, conjugations were coming out of my mouth correctly – score!
we ended up walking in the rain down the Champs-Elysee and watched a French movie (thanks for the free tickets, Court!)
We saw Paris-Manhattan which was about this girl who thought of Woody Allen as her idol. (Interesting premise. I think Woody Allen made this film too.)
She was kind of trying to date and look for a man and this guy who was perfect for her was right under her nose the entire time.
The film did NOT have subtitles and I didn’t understand everything, but I got the story. I understood it! Sometimes better than Melinda and she speaks French with her Au Pair kids (they don’t know English.)

After the movie we walked back to the train station (probably took about 25/30min) STILL in the rain. It was so cold.
And had an American dinner . Hamburger and French fries.
We listened to American music and then Melinda went back to her French household.

Sorry there isn’t any pictures, I didn’t want my camera to get wet.

Tomorrow I will be all on my lonesome in Paris, let’s see how it goes!


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