Day 39: Last Day in Paris

23 Aug

A few days before I’m leaving for home, It’s a little surreal.
Even though I feel like Europe is new, I think I’m more acclimated than I realize.
I woke up early today and went to meet Mark at Sacre Coeur.
Fitting that I would visit one of my favorite places on one of my last few days in Paris.

Met up with Mark, he’s going on a whirlwind tour of Europe after his study abroad in Spain. (The town name was something like Salamaque? I like to call it Salamander.)
He had to catch his train for London, I gave him a bunch of advice for what to do (he might not take it but whatever.)

After Mark left I thought of the age old question, what does one do on their last day in Paris?
Because I love the Tuileries I thought that would be a good place to go.
I mosey-d around and went to the love lock bride.
My last time venturing into Paris by myself. Thank the Lord.

I love Paris. France, you’re awesome. But I’m just not the best solo traveler.

I returned to Villennes and hung out at the house. Packing and getting ready to return to the US.


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