Day 40: Preparing for the Return Home

24 Aug

Well Paris, it’s been real.
I spent the day packing and cleaning my room (again)
Getting ready to leave in the wee hours tomorrow and hopefully get used to MI time again.
There are so many things I’ve done that I never thought I’d have the chance to do. And yet there’s so much more.
A small part of me wishes to go out and do everything, but a much bigger part says, “You’re tired, wait until you can go and travel with someone.” I like the second thought better.

I can’t wait to return to Paris. It’s so overwhelming that it’s really hard to do everything in one trip.
I created this blog for my friends and family to read about my adventures but also for myself.
Some may call it selfish, but I really wanted to remember what I did in France. Photos help but written sentiments help as a reminder.
I’m sure once I get settled back in MI, I’m going to forget various things, speaking French, what’s polite and what’s not.
That’s why this blog was created. For others to learn about the French culture and for me to remember.
Who knows? If I return to France within the next 5 years, things may change!

I’m so happy that (most of you) enjoyed this blog! I really enjoyed writing it and can’t wait for the next adventure.


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