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23 Apr

That’s right folks, I’m back! Overlyexcitedfrenchnerd

Well, I’m back  to writing in this blog but also to announce *drumroll* MY RETURN TO PARIS!!

As of late, I signed a contract (Yes, people this is an actual job) to TEACH in France this summer. Woot!
So unless the world ends or something else happens, (the job prevents me from posting on this blog– Perish the thought.)

I will continue to document the journey(s) of A Michigander in Paris.

I’ve missed this blog. It’s been nice to look back on and review my adventures in Pair-ee. (Didn’t I say that I would forget all sorts of things? And that I would make some grammar corrections? I’ll get to that at some point…)
Adding a little bonus to this wonderful announcement, I will post some more about preparing for France & some flashback videos. So THAT’S where they were on my memory card…

Even though I’m excited to be returning, I’m a little nervous. The last time I went to Paris there were some strong feelings of homesick/lonesomeness.
BUT! I will be seeing my Au Pair family again (LOVE THEM) and I will be with a big group of students as well as other teachers, so I’m hoping this will be a better experience in that department.

This trip will be amazing. I will be seeing new places in France, speaking & teaching French, and showing students around famous places of lovely Paris. Le Sigh. 🙂

Stay tuned–this is going to be a blast!