Adventures in Syllabus-Making

24 May

For the past month now I’ve been busy formulating ideas, asking questions to my boss & teachers from previous years, and reviewing emails being sent to me left and right. This is all in preparation for my return to Paris.

Friends, I spent 3 hours today typing up my syllabus, 3 hours straight. My eyes absolutely hate the computer screen right now.  I still have another one yet to do, most likely, I will be revising this current one later this week. But it’s not just the syllabus, it’s the passion to create fun projects, fun topics for essays, and instill a love of learning that keeps me working these long hours. Even though this is tough work, I really like it. I mean, not right now but I keep thinking about the end product and start to get really excited.

Before I was slightly nervous about this trip but through looking at it again more carefully, the nerves disappear. This program offers so much for the students [and their chaperones ;)] to do. It seems like it’ll all be over in the blink of an eye. I hope I’ll be able to update this blog on a daily basis but I think I may be caught grading papers or actually out enjoying and living life in Paris. Don’t fret, I will definitely take tons of pictures and carry my trusty notepad with me at all times.

Good news is I won’t have to do these syllabuses and lesson plans when I get to Paris. (Well, I might have to do a few, but it’ll be more like tweaking the plans) More time to concentrate on being in the moment  and actually teaching since all the work is prepared ahead of time. 🙂


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