Jour 1: Visiting Family in Toronto

28 Jun

My mom and I are heading to Toronto to visit family and then I will be flying from there to Paris. So this technically isn’t “A Michigander in Paris” but it’s definitely en route.
We stop in Marysvillle, MI (Right before the bridge to Canada) to get gas and run some errands. Total shock of the day – gas is 30 cents cheaper than it was at home. I thought they would jack up the prices before entering Canada but no. I like you Marysville. I went into Meijer and got some arch supports because you walk EVERYWHERE in Paris and saw this beautiful table outside porch table on clearance for $150. Aside from that there were many rare goodies on sale – I like you A LOT Marysville Meijer. I made one last phone call (during the Paris excursion) to my lovely boyfriend. I’m really going to miss him.

After some arch support-related delays, we get on the bridge and we’re in Canada!

This was pretty hysterical to my mom on the way:

Some odd driving hours later my mom pulls into Husky’s a trucker stop off the highway. I awake from my car nap (with a strong pain in my neck from laying on it weird) and pop inside to get lunch and look at Canadian goodies.
In the States we have this candy (that I thought was German) called Rittersport. It’s basically a chocolate covered cracker… but it tastes a lot better than how I just described it. At Husky’s there were about 5 different shelves of Rittersport a.k.a. oodles of flavors! Including Neopolitan waffers. I got the “pebermynthe” kind (French-Canadian French is weird) and also a Kinder Surprise (Remember those? The Chocolate egg with a small toy surprise in the middle?) Oh right, and my actual lunch was a Chef salad.

I mean, not a lot of exciting things happened before seeing my mom’s cousin because we were driving. Canadian roads are a little different than the ones at home – no Michigan lefts!
Mom drives yet another 1-2 hours or so to downtown Toronto where we were staying with her cousin Patrick. We talked & visited with him, pet his awesome dog, walked around downtown Toronto, and he took us to this nice Italian restaurant. After dinner we sat and talked about all sorts of things, catching up and whatnot then I slept on the really comfy futon. A nice relaxing beginning to a crazy-busy trip.



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