Jour 2: En Route to Paris!

29 Jun

The next day we had a slow start to the morning and later walked around the Toronto boardwalk.


It was nice to catch our breath from the trip over (and personally just catching my breath at all, because I’ve been meticulously planning out my worksheets for the classes I’m teaching in Paris for the past month or so.)

I was so tired. If you’ve traveled before you may be the same as me. I get so excited to go then about 2-3 weeks before I get all nervous because of all the things that need to be done before, then the last week my sleep schedule is all over the place and I double-triple check that I brought the phone charger because they might not have it in France (They totally do). So I’m glad we took it easy.
I just felt like after my job ended I never really had time to rest and have a relaxing summer. I got to hang out with my friends which was awesome but I always had these classes in the back of my mind: “How should I do this lesson? Is this too easy or hard? Ugh, the students are going to hate me for this one because it’s so boring.” You know, stuff that my mind makes up before the situation even happens and it makes me worry. Come on brain, I know you are smart enough to not get wrapped up in the “What ifs”.
Going along with the teaching kick – Seriously, is one of the best places and SO much great French material.

Back to life in Toronto,we met Patrick’s sister (another one of my mom’s cousins, she has 50) for lunch in another part of Toronto.
IMG_1728It was pretty great. We saw her new apartment  that was forever high up and then had an adventure dashing for the flight. So I mentioned before that Canada’s roads are very different. I think part of the issue is, I was reading paper directions to my mom and life probably would have been easier with a talking GPS. So after a few turnarounds we finally get to the airport, find which terminal I’m supposed to be in, and after I give the guy my boarding pass he pulls me aside and wants to put me on another flight. Okay, this was definitely not my best moment but I was really frustrated that one more thing was happening during this chain of events. The airport people were so nice but I was just fed up. I didn’t like all of this change and was mentally prepared to go the way I was going. They pulled me aside and wanted to put me on a flight that was a straight shot to Paris. My stubborn self immediately wanted to say no. After these lovely airport people showing me where my seat would be and the benefits of not having a 2 hours layover, I caved and took the plane and boy am I glad that happened. It was a wonderful flight. I was able to sleep for 5 hours (!) a decent amount of time and I wasn’t frightened. Last time I went to Paris it was my first time flying across the pond and I was a little scared about getting LOST in the ocean. …get it? Well, it was one of my favorite series in high school so it only makes sense. Anyways, it was a great flight and before I knew it I was woken up the next morning with breakfast.


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