Jour 3: Returning home to my France family

30 Jun

The airline steward (yes he’s a male) woke me up with a lovely breakfast at 6:25am France time. We landed at 7:45 (about 45 min early and 3 hours earlier than it would have been if I had the connecting flight.)
I watched an episode of The Office and Friends on my little mini screen then we were off!

I landed at Charles De Gaulle, used the 30min free wifi to update the necessary people of my safe arrival, then searched for the RER to au pair home.
Okay Paris, seriously, is it that hard to print out some maps for the confused tourists? I didn’t bring my grungy map because I figured I’d get another one because they’d have loads of them lying around. Dumb Courtney. And the information office was loaded with confused people so I just did the old fashioned way and remembered my stop.
The train ride was nice and relaxing, I had picked up an Orangina and a magazine (Premiere) to bide my time and jotted down some notes for the blog.

Ah the metro, it was so nice to know where I’m going (the B.O. smell wasn’t so nice, but hey, welcome to Paris.)

Also props to the French young men for stepping it up and helping me lug my heavy rolling suitcase up the stairs (like it was no big deal, I might add) Who says chilvalry is dead?

After about an hour of carrying heavy suitcases, remembering exactly where to go and what to do, Ladies & gentlemen I’m on the way to the place where I will be staying for a week. And I’ve found the French equivalent of Chocolate Dunkaroos – I may never return home. All jokes aside, It’s so nice to feel like I’ve already done this before. I’m excited to learn more French slang so I can understand people when they’re speaking. I’m focusing on listening on this trip. Listening to what people say and how they say it.

On the Train ride over here This couple asked a guy in front of me for directions and the guy next to me was joking with me in French. You know me, chillin’ with the locals.

Side note: Google Drive lets you make Documents offline and it will probably be my new Microsoft Word while I’m in France. You go, Google.

11:30am France time – I’ve arrived, I’m exhausted and sweaty from carrying all of this luggage so I take a shower and an hour power nap.

My stomach hurts something fierce but this happened last time too. The first day/night in Paris my stomach is adjusting to the time difference. I just need to rest, drink lots of water and give it time. Although this time there may be some sore spots from the “ab workouts” (carrying a backpack, purse & rolling suitcase across cobblestone streets and up & down stairs) So I’m waiting for Latifa (their nanny/maid) to come by in an hour then the family will arrive after that.

1:30pm FT – Woke up from the nap – I forgot I was in Paris and my stomach still hurts. I’m holding onto God but if I could choose, I would be home right now. I’m still really sleepy, but I want to stay up so I can adjust to the time better. You can do this Courtney only 6/7 more hours. Food might help. Good food.

3:00pm – Food definitely helped and seeing Muriel and Latifa again. My France family! I sat and ate a salad that Au pair mom had bought for me (in the fridge with a sticky note saying “Bon Appetit, Courtney!”) I talked with Latifa in French for about an hour and slang-ish words/phrases started to come back. It was so great! She was willing to learn some English too. We got on the subject of saying “stop!” and how “arrete!” sounds really harsh and physically makes you stop, so I told her how in the states that harsh tone is in the word “Freeze!”. When the kids returned from school she tried it out on them, they stopped dead in their tracks haha.

I gave the kids their presents and they didn’t stop playing with them. Lea got a magazine and we all tried on different celebrities eyes

Taylor Swift

Harry Styles

After I hung out with the kids, their mom came home and we all went out to a Japanese restaurant for dinner.

The service was surprisingly fast and the food was wonderful (my stomach was still a little upset, but I got down some chicken.) I now have WIFI for the next foreseeable week. I have no idea what will happen when the job starts.

A tout a l’heure!


2 Responses to “Jour 3: Returning home to my France family”

  1. Jen July 3, 2013 at 2:07 pm #

    exciting! I can’t wait to read your stories as an Au Pair! What an amazing opportunity!

    • CourtZim July 3, 2013 at 2:16 pm #

      Hi Jen! Thanks for following my blog! Unfortunately I will not be an Au Pair this summer, I’m staying with the family I Au Pair-ed for last summer for about a week. Don’t worry, the posts from last summer’s Au Pair experience are still live on this blog. 🙂

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