Jour 6: Joyeux Anniversaire, Constantin!

3 Jul

Personal news update – It’s my boyfriend’s birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Joyeux Anniversaire!! 🙂

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

**Reminder** This blog a few days delayed due to posting pictures and overall enjoying the experiences that I’m apart of.

So this post is about Constantin’s birthday, but it really happened a little bit ago (and his real birthday was the week before that.)
Yay! Post dedicated to birthdays!!

First, the family went to the grocery store and I “profited” from the sun. (J’ai profite du soleil. It’s a common thing to “profit” take advantage of something.)
Here is my view of the Seine while I was tanning. Life is so hard in France.

La Seine!
After tanning in the morning, I helped the family set up for the party. French “anniversaires” (birthday parties) are very similar to American ones. Constantin had goodie bags, a pinata, presents, cake, and birthday-themed decorations.
IMG_1813This made me laugh.

While the kids played outside Lea and I painted each other’s nails and hung out.
Then it came time for the Pinata.
pinataConstantin and his friends went crazy for the candy and Lea asked her parents if I could go with her to the soldes -YES.

Driving in France: take deux. It’s really not that difficult, driving is fine it just takes awhile to get used to the size of the car so as not to scrape anyone else’s car.

Lea and I went to La Halle et Halle chassures. I remembered my French shoe size, but had difficulty with the clothing sizes (Last time the tag had a little American flag with the equivalent size and it was TOTALLY wrong. American sizes are actually smaller than European sizes (number-wise)
I took a stab at my size (it was the same as my shoe size- score!)
I got a top and a dress for 18 Euros – total steal, I love the soldes.
I also got 2 pair of shoes and a scarf, because it’s France.

Lea and I went back, the family had dinner and the mom turned on her favorite TV show – Capital. It’s basically like those segments on the news (Ruth to the Rescue? Is that what’s it’s called?) that talk about false advertisements and go in-depth on what businesses offer for hotel/language exchange programs. (At least that’s what’s happening in this episode.)

I’m going to try to get to bed at a reasonable hour. I plan to explore the city of Paris and listen/talk in French as much as possible.
A demain!


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