Jour 9: La Fin of a Mini-Vacation

6 Jul

Tomorrow it all begins. This past week has been a mini-vacation until now.
I will be spending every waking moment with other teachers and high school students for the next 5 weeks.
What have I gotten myself into?
Just kidding. I’m really excited!!
I will be moving to a new location to begin my new teaching adventure in Paris. I’m so happy to have gathered all of my worksheets and lesson plans before coming to Paris. Whew, that was a lot of work.

So today I spent most of the day packing, continuing to do laundry and Watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs with the kids (again)
I will miss my Au Pair family, but Au Pair mom has told me if my schedule allows it I’m welcome to visit.

5:00 pm – The staff met for an apero, which is probably the equivalent of a Starbucks hangout with alcoholic drinks.

The people are super nice and I think this will be a great experience to be among some very talented people who are excited to teach.

After meeting these lovely people and hearing more about the intensity of the program, I’m sorry to say that the blog will have to go on hiatus. 😦
Though it is rewarding to reflect on my adventures, this job is very time-consuming and I’d like to focus my blog-writing attention on preparing lessons/taking advantage of free time to relax.

That being said I would still like to involve you all through posting photos of my travels. I’ll have to see how the WIFI connection is when I get to the place, but I’ll try to upload a few pictures if I can.



One Response to “Jour 9: La Fin of a Mini-Vacation”

  1. Jen July 8, 2013 at 3:17 am #

    Good luck! it sounds like a great adventure! what grade/age are the students you will be teaching?

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