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Jour 4: Lea’s Spectacle

1 Jul

12:00 pm France Time – I slept for about 11 hours but I’m feeling great! (So long stomach issues, HELLO French Chocolate Dunkaroos!)
The kids were at school and the parents are at work so I’ve been having a lazy morning, writing back to friends on Facebook, updating the blog so on and so forth.

Lea has a school play tonight (Spectacle in French) then this weekend is packed with activities for the kids, Constantin’s birthday party, Sophia’s (Lea’s friend, Muriel’s daughter) going away party – they’re moving to London!, and Au Pair mom & dad’s annual 4th of July Party in France. Whew, I think I may end up having some later mornings, but that’s okay because I’ll need to be up late for the teaching program when it starts.

2:00pm FT – Watching French TV to become more fluent.
There are so many American shows that are translated including Real Housewives. What a great representation of American culture- NOT.

I ended up watching a show called “Pas ma fille” about a girl in an abusive, drug-induced relationship and how her parents fight to pull her out of it. Super happy, huh?

3:30pm France Time -I had the chance to Skype with my boyfriend for a little bit where he told me the weather in Paris is very similar to that in Michigan.

4:30pm France Time –  I picked the kids up from school, we came back and hung out before Lea had to leave for the Spectacle.

I tried to get a picture of her but the lights washed her out. This is the best I could do: (Lea is pictured on the far left in both)

Bowing The principal

She played a principal talking to the parents of a boy who misbehaved in class. It was all in French and the kids didn’t talk into the microphone always so I couldn’t always hear the story, but I understood most of it. There were 3 stories, one took place in the Middle Ages where someone had stolen an important piece of paper (with a secret code), another was a mixture of a bunch of different fairy tales- so funny!, and last was Lea’s about a boy getting in trouble in class.

Kids are so funny, no matter where they are in the world they all act similarly onstage. Some talk really fast, most get nervous, then there are those natural actors who place themselves in front of the microphone and have the best emotion.
8:00 pm FT – After the Spectacle, I made dinner for Constantin and we watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs to practice his English. When I received my French degree, I never thought I’d have to explain to someone what a ratbird is in French.
Tomorrow is Constantin’s Spectacle and la Kermesse (School Fair)!