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Jour 5: La Kermesse (School Fair)

2 Jul

9:00am – I got up at a normal time this morning (after resting my head on the pillow and being unable to properly fall asleep until 3am) and feel pretty rested right now. Let’s see how that lasts…

I got breakfast for me and Constantin where he was helping me with my French again. (I said “petite” instead of “petit” and he was mad because I basically called him a girl.) This 7 year old actually seems to like teaching me French. Which is weird because I taught him English last summer. I guess he’s returning the favor? Cool!

I’ve always had difficulty hearing and speaking French. (I’m more of a visual learner.) I can read, write, and understand it very well but my ear hasn’t yet full attuned itself to the Parisian accent and the correct pronunciaton of words. Surprisingly I can say 90% of words correctly but there are a few “japonais”, “enseigne”, and some others that I can’t remember in which I either have trouble pronouncing them  or was taught the wrong way to in class.

These difficulties are teaching me how important it is to learn a language through hearing it first then to introduce the writing/reading of it. I’ll really try to focus on that when it comes time to teach in my future classroom.

10:30 am – Constantin’s spectacle!
His grade put on a dance where he played the waves in the ocean, a crab, and a kangaroo.

Here’s the blurry crab: (with the red/orange gloves in the middle)

It was very cute and after the family threw a BBQ lunch before the Kermesse.

There is always a Saturday “Farmer’s Market” in town so Au Pair mom picked up some items for the BBQ lunch.
Meat from the Boucherie, and lasagna & fruit from the market.

Instead of having supermarkets with everything in them (like Walmart or Meijer) France has little stores that sell a lot of specifics. There was so much fresh meat in this boucherie. I mean Paris does have a Carrefour or Monoprix (super markets) but they’re far away and these stores are just a walk away in town.

2:30 pm FT – Sophia came over and Lea wanted to show her the short film I recently was in “Say Cheese”. Sophia is Lea’s best friend and one of the children that Courtney 1 au paired for last summer (MISS YOU, COURT!) We all ate lunch then left for the Kermesse. At lunch I asked the mom if France had peanut butter (it was something I had mentioned to Lea before when we got candy at the store yesterday.) Au Pair mom said it’s in some specialty stores. Au Pair Dad had no clue what it was, (he’s from France) WHAT? France doesn’t have peanut butter?! Strange.

3:45pm FT – The girls went off and hung out and I followed constantin around while he played different games. He absolutely rocked this one.



I mainly spoke in French with Constantin at the Kermesse to continue to practice speaking and to make it seem like I was not American to all the other kids and parents -SUCCESS. All of them spoke to me in French. 🙂

After spending most of the day at the fair, I headed back to the house to relax, take a shower and have a few minutes away from the craziness.
Day 2 of the first fun-filled weekend in Paris –  Tomorrow is Constantin’s birthday party! Mentally preparing for 13 six-seven year old boys to be here all day.